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What is MoonShine?

Discover our ultra-high definition, low-latency, 8K, video streaming software.

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Thanks to the cultural shift away from 9-to-5 office jobs and towards flexible hybrid-working, Cloud PCs have been at the top of most companies' wish lists. And while many of the world’s major corporations have already succeeded in moving many of their employees onto cloud systems, several areas still rely on physical, in-office hardware to function.

Despite the Cloud PC revolution, most virtual machines (VMs) continue to underperform physical PCs when performing GPU-intensive tasks because of high latency. This is where MoonShine comes in.

MoonShine by Theo Technologies Ltd is an ultra-low-latency 8K streaming protocol that uses high-efficiency video coding (HEVC/H265) to generate very compact packets of data that can be sent from the PC’s graphics card to the user’s screen, thus eradicating the major flaw in cloud computing.

The default version of Theo Technologies Ltd.’s Augment PUI software (which does not include the MoonShine protocol) relies on the industry standard remote desktop protocol (RDP) developed by Microsoft in the 1990s. While RDP has come a long way since its inception, it still lacks the capacity to filter & compress data effectively enough to produce a seamless streaming experience.

The HEVC video coding system found within MoonShine is the most efficient algorithm for video streaming applications providing the user with a perfect low-latency streaming alternative to expensive and unnecessary hardware.

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How does MoonShine work?

While we’ve already spoken about HEVC, to understand MoonShine, it’s essential to know what it does.

When streaming any video, the transmitted data has to be compressed, which reduces the file size making it easier to store and reduces the internet strain. Before the invention of HEVC, computers used Advanced Video Coding (AVC), which could easily stream basic computer functions without a recognisable drop in quality. Still, they struggled when confronted with larger, more GPU-demanding data files, such as ultra-high-definition videos.

However, thanks to the improved coding efficiency of HEVC standard video compression, these larger, more GPU-demanding data files can now be compressed and transmitted without a noticeable drop in quality. Working under the principle that some parts of a given video frame can be simply described rather than sent in full, the data packets produced are smaller and easier to transmit.

Finally, decoding these data files is accelerated on the user’s end thanks to the Raspberry Pi – the fundamental foundation of our Augment PUI virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI).

What can users expect from MoonShine?

Currently, YouTube has a max resolution of 4K – a video resolution that most hardware and internets will struggle to render effectively, never mind quickly. MoonShine can render video resolutions of up to 8K whilst maintaining an extraordinary 165 frames per second (fps).

And to compound this feat, MoonShine can still perform relatively unhindered at bandwidth speeds of 30mbps, with latency never exceeding 40ms despite the poor internet.

On top of the MoonShine’s ability to perform under extreme circumstances, it can also do so on any device – although, for optimal performance, we recommend that you use MoonShine in tandem with our PC Hub. Whether you’re using a desktop PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet, the MoonShine protocol will be supported, meaning that wherever you are in the world, and regardless of what device you have available, you will always be able to stream & edit video & audio files or play video games to your heart’s content.

Why use MoonShine with a PC Hub?

Despite MoonShine’s ability to be deployed anywhere, on any device, and at any time, it will always be at its best when connected to one of our PC Hub thin client. Thanks to the Raspberry Pi hidden within our PC Hubs, the efficiency of data decoding is far superior to the decoding on a Windows machine, for example, due to the numerous background processes the Windows machine will be doing simultaneously.

This means that, although MoonShine guarantees exceptional performance regardless of how you use it, nowhere does it perform better than with our PC Hub. The lowest latencies, the least degradation of video & audio quality, the less strain on internet bandwidth, and our PC Hubs never go out of date as they are updated remotely.

Top that off with the numerous other benefits of using our Augment PUI software & PC Hub thin client, and you have a system that is scalable, affordable, and set for life.


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