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What is LoLa?

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

LoLa Cloud PCs (Low Latency Cloud PCs) is a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) that allows users to create, manage, and use Cloud PCs from anywhere in the world, provided they have a stable internet connection. And while there are plenty of VDIs out there, LoLa is easily one of the most user-friendly options on the market.

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What are the benefits of using a LoLa PC?

Flexibility - Whether you're hot-desking, working from home, or working on the go, with LoLa, you have 24/7 access to your cloud PC from any browser, computer, laptop, smartphone, or tablet. Post-pandemic, the social & cultural shift towards hybrid, flexible working has left many companies playing catch up as their outdated IT infrastructure struggled to cope with the demand. So, many companies turned to VDIs to meet the demand.

While almost all VDIs work similarly, many still underperformed physical PCs due to latency. LoLa has fixed this issue through its ultra-high definition, low latency, 8K, video streaming protocol, MoonShine. Thanks to MoonShine, LoLa can provide greater flexibility than any other VDI on the market.

Security - Naturally, the most important thing for any user is security. Thankfully, like all VDIs, when using a LoLa PC, your data is stored in highly secure data centres. This makes your needle in the world’s most enormous haystack.

Before VDIs, data was stored locally on your hard drive, which anyone with the know-how and determination could access. Now, accessing your files is virtually impossible, as cloud storage is the world's most sophisticated data security system.

Not to mention, traditional hardware goes out of date regularly, making it easier to hack. On the other hand, LoLa PCs are kept permanently up to date and will never become obsolete, making it even harder to gain illegal access to data.

Affordability – Due to the sheer volume of PCs being managed by Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) companies like us, the total price of those PCs is generally very low. And for its price and functionality, LoLa, thanks to its MoonShine protocol, is the best value-for-money VDI on the market.

The cost of a Cloud PC is based entirely on how powerful your PC is and how much storage you want it to have. In the case of LoLa, the more expensive the monthly cost of the Cloud PC, the more significant the difference between its price and its physical equivalent. For example, the costliest Cloud PC we provide is £79.99, which, with an annual subscription, would cost £799.90. The physical equivalent would set you back approximately £2,500-3,000+, making LoLa a far more intelligent long-term investment.

Essentially, it would take a subscription of at least three years for the cost of the most expensive LoLa desktop to reach the same price as its physical equivalent. And in that time, LoLa PCs will have stayed entirely up to date with the latest security protocols and I.T. features. Whereas the physical PC will have fallen behind, leaving you in a situation where you either have to purchase a brand new £2,500+ PC or spend more money on upgrading individual parts.

Sustainability - “Most of the environmental impact of technology takes place at the beginning and end of a device’s life” (Soltan, Liz).

Since a LoLa Cloud PC will never become obsolete, and the hardware required to run it never needs to be updated, the life span of all technology involved can be dramatically increased. Not to mention the fact that LoLa & its PC Hub half-yard client significantly reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions.

Most of our system’s third-party server providers are on track to being carbon neutral, and some have even progressed to being carbon negative. Therefore, businesses would save over 30 tonnes of CO2 eq. per year by switching to LoLa PCs.

Usability – Thanks to its MoonShine protocol, LoLa can be adapted to suit almost any working or gaming requirement. LoLa Cloud PCs is perfect whether you need it for GPU-intensive applications such as Adobe Premiere Pro and AutoCAD or AAA titles and VR gaming.

For businesses, it provides unrivalled flexibility, scalability, and management, and for freelancers, it provides a cheaper alternative to purchasing expensive hardware. Finally, it’s no I.T. set-up means that regardless of how competent you are with technology, LOLa can be used by everyone.

Final Thoughts

While VDIs are most certainly the future of I.T., LoLa has the potential to be one of the forerunners. Its exceptional ease of use, 24/7 support, outstanding video stream performance thanks to its proprietary protocols, scalability, sustainability, and competitive pricing make it one of the best VDIs on the market.

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