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What is a Cloud PC?

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

A Cloud PC is essentially a virtual desktop based in the cloud that can be accessed anywhere in the world, provided you have a stable internet connection. Cloud PCs entirely replace the need for storing data and software locally on a hard drive, making them substantially superior.

Unlike local hardware, Cloud PCs have very few limits to how powerful they can be. Since they are regularly updated, they never become obsolete by utilising the latest technological advancements. Furthermore, the quality of a Cloud PC is not based on the quality of the hardware you are accessing the PC through. Even your 10-year-old, bottom-of-the-range laptop can now run AAA titles & GPU-intensive software like Adobe Premiere Pro thanks to low-latency solutions like our very own ultra-high definition, 8K, video streaming protocol, MoonShine.

On top of this ability to breathe new life into outdated hardware, Cloud PCs can also be accessed regardless of the device used. Essentially, you can turn any desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone into a supercomputer by using it to access your PC in the cloud.

Maintaining and updating local hardware can be relatively time-consuming, so, commonly, organisations will fail to upgrade & patch their systems regularly, making them vulnerable to security breaches. Thanks to a Cloud PC’s inability to become outdated, they are remarkably more secure than local hardware.

On top of cost, security, and lifespan, there are many other benefits to using a Cloud PC, including flexibility and sustainability, with Cloud PCs significantly reducing both carbon emissions and energy usage.

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How Does a Cloud PC Work?

In principle, a Cloud PC works in the same way as your standard desktop computer. The primary difference is that it is stored & maintained in large data centres that ensure optimal operating conditions, the highest levels of efficiency and 24/7 maintenance and support, all connected via high-speed internet.

Another key difference is that, unlike a physical PC, the operating system of a Cloud PC is not coupled with hardware, meaning that the failure of a given component, e.g., hard drive or main board, no longer means loss or corruption of data. All applications and store files are transferable, and making backups is straightforward.

Cloud PCs are part of a broader Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) that has to be developed for access to this Cloud PC to be possible. These VDI’s are managed by Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) providers like us, meaning that, in our case, the user needs no IT knowledge to get started. We set up, manage, and update the system while providing users with a highly scalable subscription-based business solution significantly cheaper than purchasing traditional hardware – which is what we do with our Augment PUI VDI solution.

Cloud PCs can be accessed by many types of endpoint devices, including Zero Clients, Thin Clients, full-blown ‘fat’ PC environments, and half-yard clients like our very own PC Hub, which acts like an intermediary between a Zero & Thin Client.

How much does a Cloud PC cost?

The cost of a Cloud PC depends entirely on how powerful you want your PC to be and the SaaS provider you use. The higher the spec of your machine, the higher the cost. However, rest assured that regardless of the spec, the cost of your Cloud PC will be significantly less than buying a traditional PC of the same standard after factoring in maintenance and hardware lifespan.

Our cheapest Augment PUI desktop is £21.99 a month, and you get two months free if you pay an annual subscription. Its physical PC equivalent would cost approximately £500 and be less secure, less flexible, and obsolete within a couple of years. Our MoonShine protocol alone makes it far superior to all PCs in its price range.

In the case of Augment PUI, the more expensive the monthly cost of the Cloud PC, the more significant the difference between its price and physical equivalent. For example, the costliest Cloud PC we provide is £79.99 per month, which, with an annual subscription, would cost £799.90. The physical equivalent would set you back approximately £2,500-3,000+, making a Cloud PC a far more intelligent long-term investment.

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