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The blue & white LoLa Cloud PC logo.

LoLa Cloud PCs

Your Cloud PC

on any device.

Easy to set up, easy to use, and easy to scale. LoLa is the DaaS (desktop-as-a-service) solution that is reliable, secure and affordable, making it the perfect remote desktop solution for businesses of any size, personal use, and even gaming.

A smartphone, tablet and Apple mac all displaying the same LoLa Cloud PC log showing that they are all connected.
A desktop pc, mouse and keyboard. Jumping out of the screen are apps & files that are coming from the cloud.


Connect to your PC from any device, anytime, anywhere

LoLa gives you access to a computer in the cloud. So, you can now do anything you can do on a laptop or desktop in the cloud. 

This means that no matter where you are, you can always access not only your files but your entire PC, regardless of whether you're using a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop device.


Our DaaS solution guarantees a more dynamic and flexible working environment, reducing business costs (CAPEX and OPEX), increasing security and being more eco-friendly.

A black LoLa PC Hub with the "TT" Theo Technologies Ltd logo on the front.
A black LoLa PC Hub with the "TT" Theo Technologies Ltd logo on the front.


No Device, No Problem

The LoLa PC Hub is a complete desktop-replacement device, perfect for hot-desking, conserving space at home or in the office, reducing emissions and energy bills, and, most importantly, saving you money on I.T. hardware.

It's as easy as plug and play.


A man is sat on some stairs smiling at the camera wearing a black blazer and smart shirt with his hands clasped together.

Jason Govindji-Bruce, Managing Director

Given how quickly technology advances, given the change in personnel that can occur through the year, switching to LoLa Cloud PCs was an easy choice for the quality of service, cost-effectiveness, cash flow protection and long-term solution for NORI HR as a growing business.

Whether you are a start-up or an existing business, the solution cloud computing presents on all these fronts should make it an easy switch.

A man is stood against a blank backdrop smiling at the camera wearing a black tee and leather jacket.

Nikos Papapetrou,
Interior Designer

LoLa has worked very well for me! As an interior designer and visualiser, I do a lot of CAD & 3D work. I always needed a light device to take on-site and present to clients, but laptops are not powerful enough to render at the speed my job requires. With LoLa, I can now connect to my Cloud PC from my light laptop and get my 3D visualisation done.

A bald man in a smart white shirt with tinted sunglasses and a goatee smiling at the camera

Ben Quick,
Managing Director

As an SME of 10 employees, we have been running our computers to the ground over the last 5 years. Instead of purchasing new equipment, we have breathed new life to old systems simply by installing the LoLa app. Now with the cloud PCs, the old devices are running better than how they did when they were new. Not to mention our Electric bills have halved!

USE CASES - Nori HR and Employment Law

"LoLa has enabled us to double the size of the company securely, easily and affordably."

Before switching to LoLa Cloud PCs & PC Hubs, NORI HR and Employment Law had 6 full-time employees. Switching to LoLa has helped them to double in size and provided them with I.T. flexibility, enterprise-level security, despite being an SME, and impressive I.T. cost reductions.

A man in a blue suit jacket & jeans is sat on a sofa with his arm around his partner who is wearing a black shirt and leather pants. They are sat smiling, looking into the camera.
The Nori HR & Employment Law logo.
A luscious scene with green hills, trees and bushes. Through the middle runs a clean blue river, and in the background, 5 wind turbines form the centrepiece.


Hit your sustainability targets with LoLa

Whether you want to lower your emissions, enable hybrid working, or increase device lifespan, LoLa is perfect for you.

Adding LoLa to any existing device (old or new) instantly increases the device's lifespan.

While replacing your office desktops with LoLa PC Hubs can lower your annual emissions by more than 20 times.

It's sustainability, made simple.


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